4/14 Window Movement – Vol 1, Ed 2 Jul-August 2015

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From the Desk of the Executive Secretary

Between two commands in Mat 19:13-15, “…let the children come to Me…” and Mat 28: 18-20, “Go…and make disciple…” which of these Jesus is more serious about?

We, tend to think and act that the latter is more important. Yet, evident show that if we obey the first more seriously, the latter accomplished much faster. Edward Kimball taught Sunday School faithfully, one of the students is Dwight L. Moody the revivalist. Mordechai Ham mentored a group of youth and one of them is Billy Graham who led millions to Christ.

In this generation, there are vivid examples taking place in various countries and continents. Discipleship of children and youth is still and always the fruitful strategy. Leadership and discipleship goes hand to hand. This News Letter introduces new leadership of 4/14 Window.

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