I was a Stranger and You Welcome Me

When Children Pray Earnestly in Timor Leste

Sity was just a little girl. She barely knew Jesus. But that day, on a children camp of 80 souls, she heard how her new Sunday school friends weeping and praying for their families. She looked around. Although she was new, something change inside her heart. The prayers moved her. She stood up. Boldly came forward and start praying loud for her family.

What Sity did, impacting her family. “Please invite my daughter again to your Church program,” her mother said, “because I believe this is good.” God is working to transform families of Timor Leste through a little girl. He is using this young generation!

“Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger”- Psalm 8:2 is indeed happening.

Sity came to know Jesus because another child invited her. This child is served in a ministry of more than 80 children in Sunday school and 3 children club. Together they have witnessed how God provide all their needs for the camp. The camp was big for them with a lot of resources. But together, they achieved their common dream. “When we have a dream or a big plan in God, just walk in obedience and He will provide all needs for this dream coming true,” Ps. Acy Lodja said.

For three days, Holy Spirit worked inside the hearts of these young souls, changing and transforming them to transform their world. Their eyes soaked in tears as they  prayed earnestly for their families revivals. Their mouth spoke daringly as they witness the work of God in the camp. Children and youth are powerful weapons in the eyes of our Lord. It is truly a privilege and honour to partner with these children in serving God’s kingdom.

(as told by Ps. Acy Lodja. For more info about this ministry please visit a facebook account of Hadomi Labarik)

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