Children are Starving and Thirst for the Word of God

“They let their babies die of hunger and thirst; children are begging for food that no one will give them” ( Lam. 4:4).

Imagine you were only 8 years old girl. You need to walk for two hours just to find water. Sometimes you got lucky, you found a puddle of water. Although you saw cattle near it and a dog swimming inside it, your heart jolted with joy. Water!! Your small hand scoop the muddy precious liquid into a pail. With one deep breath, you lifted that heavy full bucket up to your head. Carefully, you walked slowly. Your arms started to cramp, but you grabbed it tighter. You didn’t want any of it got spilled, because you still need to walk back for two hours. Mom with your baby brother in her arms had been waiting to use it.

This is a daily struggle of a girl living in Kamukeza Community. As one of the hardest and most remote place in Zimba District, Zambia, water is scarce and the soil is dry. Without clean water, there are huge implications on children’s health and mental state. They easily suffered from preventable water-borne illnesses. With burdens of basic survival, children are often sacrifice their primary needs of education.

Thirsty for water, starving from the Word of God. The time they spent to find water is not only robbing their opportunities to go to school. It is also stealing their time to hear the Gospel, and consuming their opportunities to serve other children.

Rural Hope Africa is partnering with OneMillionChildren Inc. to provide clean water access to schools, communities, and churches. After clean water system was installed, there were significant attendance in schools and churches. The children had even been starting to actively serve other children!

Some children started bible studies in their homes and schools. They are are taking steps to share Jesus and disciple others. This early September, they went out for an expedition to preach and teach about His Kingdom. As they are doing this, they witnessed progress of young people came to Christ before the age of twenty-one. When children are healthy, they hold great potential as active agent in missions. They are in full capacity of sharing the love of Christ to the World.

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