Children are not only Future Leaders but also Today’s

You might think that children are our future leaders BUT you are wrong. They can lead today. They are today’s leaders, if we give them the chances. Here in Christian City Church Yangon, we have witnessed how God uses children and teens leading their peers and younger children. They are pointing way to Jesus. They are contributing in sharing Gospel. And they are changing lives of adults. Let them start to lead. They are leaders for today. They can lead in a way that adult cannot. So let’s help them start to journey their impactful leadership.
Philip is ten years old and is in his fifth grade. Some times ago, his church organized a children mission camp when they learned about sharing their faith. They were given an opportunity on the last day to put that into a practice. The teachers thought that they would be fearful. The adults doubted that they could actually do it. Philip led a team to Yangon’s downtown bus station. With some flyers in hand, they started to share the gospel. It was their first experience in sharing their faith to others. Some people might rejected them, but they were some others who smiled and happy to welcome them too. Since that day, Philip never stop sharing his faith with others. He keeps asking his friends, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” Sharing his faith becoming part of his journey.

Lynn Lynn was great woman with a broken heart. Living with a dysfunctional family had brought her sorrow and sadness. Her depressed life stole the joyful ministry of a teacher. She was ready to give up everything. Lynn’s close friend invited her to a teacher training. Unknown of the event, she agreed just to be far away from her family. She helped us preparing stuff for kids games, and watch the children play. And it was on that moment, she found her life and happiness back. The genuine vibes of children and their positive vibrance brought the long lost hope back. Being among those children had made her life felt perfect. She started to feel God’s heartbeat for the children. She was aware, the Lord had renewed her heart and reminded her of her passion. Realizing how children had impacting her life, she committed herself in serving the children. Now with a faith of a bright future, Lynn is serving as a preschool teacher in the church and fulfilling her calling.

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