Teens Leadership on The Island of Spices

Mega spent her childhood days feeling unworthy. Ever since she knew that her parents rejected her when she was born as a girl, she was devastated. “When I knew the truth, I lost hope in life,” she said. “I didn’t want to go to school again, I felt so valueless”. She lived in bitterness and rejected her biological mother. She started skipping school and drowned herself in useless activities such as gambling to show her rebellion.

Until one day, her pastor gave her a responsibility to be a teen leader in their village. In a program called “Unleashed” -founded by Bambang Budijanto, Chairman of the 4/14 Window Movement Global Steering Committee, Mega found her hope again. She started to see herself as how God sees her. She began to grow as she helped her friends to grow.

In six month of the program, Holy Spirit changed Mega drastically. She was still the same girl but with different spirit. Previously, she opened her house allowing children to gamble, now she opens her house to start teaching them about Jesus and school subjects. Previously, she lived in bitterness, but now transforming her biological families through forgiveness and care. Before, she felt emptiness but now she recognize her potentials and rise up to bless her village and community.

Mega successfully led the teens on her village to see each potential they possessed, and starting to use them to bless the community. Transformation began to happen starting from themselves, their families, and their village. In last 2018 Passover Event, Mega was trusted as the Committee Chair of Passover Celebration. Her pastor had taken an unusual brave decision to let teenagers led their celebration. Mega stood in public to deliver a heartbreaking and fiery speech about how adult should see children’s potential. Nobody taught her how to speech, and she didn’t bring any paper to read. Everyone in her village watched in awe, including her pastor who never knew such talent she posses.

With a grace from Holy Spirit, that night she delivered something that we as adults must learn: “Never underestimate any potentials your children may have,” Mega said. “We should be their greatest cheerleaders. We should tell them that they are capable. They are precious gifts from God with all possible capacities they can reach.”

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