Kazakhtan’s Young Faith Activators

Everywhere, God touchs teens’ lives and uses them in His Kingdom, including Kazakhtan. It’s amazing and encouraging when we see this young generation standing up in faith against hurdles in life and dedicating their lives to God.

Adiya, 16 years old

I didn’t understand the whole essence of Christianity in my childhood. I came to church with my mother when I was 9. I began to sense life difficulties as I grow up. For example, my dad and grandmother who are against visiting the church. Also there was a moment when I wanted to leave the church. I doubted God and my faith. I was completely surrounded by my unbeliever friends. That very moment my mentor stood there with me. She spent time with me, paid attention, and showed me an example of a real minister. I am grateful for my mentor and thank her for I am still in the church today. Now I am one of the leaders of our youth ministry. I am also a mentor and it’s been four years I give my life serving God seriously.

Katya, 15 years old

My dad was addicted to gambling and alcohol. My grandma then took a bold step to send him to a rehabilitation center in Almaty. We lived in a church. That was when I started to understand God. My sister invited me to become one of the leaders of adolescent ministry. Undoubtedly there have been difficulties in my life,

but my parents, mentor, leader and my team are directing and helping me. They are my biggest supporter and greatest inspiration in serving God. I witness their purposeful lives and excellent attitude to the ministry. They are the real sample that encourage me to go on and not giving up. Six month ago, I committed myself in a baptism. I decided to set a clear life goal. I will follow my God no matter what.


Tamirlan, 16 years old

My sister brought me to church when I was 9 years old. I came only to receive Samaritan’s gifts for the holiday. But I enjoyed their children’s ministry and my sister started to take me everywhere with her. Then we lived separately, and sometimes she forgot about me. When it happened, I went to the church with my bike. In 2015 there was a WAKE MAKE youth camp and I got invited. On the last day of the camp, I made a decision. I accepted Jesus into my heart and dedicated my life only to Him! Since then I have been living for Him. Now I am one of the leaders of youth ministry. Praise the Lord!

Enlik, 16 years old

I was a casual church-goer from an early age. I enjoyed spending my time in the children’s ministry. But I did not realize what it meant to be a Christian for real. I continued to go to church, only to feel lost, not finding my place there. One day I was asked: “Would you like to become a teenage leader?” I decided to accept because it was something new for me. Then, it was there that I learned more about God, about true Kingdom’s principles and about real Christian life. Recently, I decided that I will follow my God and get baptized. Today, we have a whole team of teenagers who are ignited in serving God. We have this goal to influence other children so that they could dedicate their lives to the Lord too.

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