The 4/14 Window – 7 Years Milestones

The 4/14 Window was birthed by God seven years ago. The 4/14 Window Global Steering Committee asked Luis Bush to capture the catalytic impacts of the 4/14 Window Movement, with the purpose of learning, discerning and celebrating the mighty works of God.

This was not meant to be a historical account of the first 7 Years of the 4/14 Window Movement, nor an attempt to claim any achievements, as if these were the works of men.

I should commend Luis for the broad and intensive collaboration process in writing these milestones. He has consulted every single catalytic impact with the actors and primary source of those milestones. More than 80 % of those he consulted through emails, responded and contributed toward the accuracy of the account.

Seven years is indeed a short time, the 4/14 Window Movement will learn from this 7 years Milestones report, discern the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the second 7 years and offer sacrifices of praise for what the Lord has done so far in restoring churches, reenergizing mission organizations and in encouraging, supporting and equipping children and youth all over the world.

Dr. Bambang Budijanto
Chairman of 4/14 Movement Steering Committee

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