4/14 Window Asia Pacific Youth Congress II – Prospectus

There are 1.1 billion youth between 15-24 years or constitutes 18% of world population. Along with those from 4-14 years, the number constitutes nearly 40% of world population. Approximately 60% of that age group lives in Asia, 15% in Africa and 10% in Latin America. More than 85% youth live in developing countries. Nearly half of those (45.9 percent) live in low-income countries, while another third (34.1 percent) live in lower middle-income countries.
This swell in the global population of young people has the potential to transform economies for better or worse, depending on the decisions of today’s policy makers, according to a new United Nations report. It is a potential for economic and social progress but also have the potential to destabilize nations. Recent history shows that country with 30% youth population is likely experience major social unrest.
Youth shapes the future of a nation, the world and without exception the church. They are likely more willing, able, commit to a cause and ready to take the risk. When given trust, opportunity, and equipped will carry out and complete the tasks. The church can’t afford to lose their youth if it is to be true to its calling, to transform the world. Many countries in Asia experience the truth that focusing on youth will result in phenomenal.
A global youth discipleship should become a priority in global mission if the church to regain growth and sustain its promising future. Asia Pacific Youth Congress was launched to build up momentum of global disciple making movement among youth. Youth to reach the next generations to be their brother’s and sister’s keeper, walk along side of them. This is to better accomplishing the vision of reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing the most receptive age group to the Gospel, 4-14 years, known as 4/14 Window Global Movement. (www.info414window.org)
The theme of the Congress is Disciple or Die. Without discipleship, the next generation will drift away from the church and the church will die.

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