Practice for Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan

Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan for Nurturers, presented in John chapter 15:1-17, provides a sound biblical basis for lighting the fires of a disciple making movement by youth nurturing the 4/14ers so that they become God’s agents of mission.
Jesus’ discipleship model illustrates shared Christian praxis which results from the interaction with the biblical text through the lens of personal experience with a view to application in the life of the disciple. Faith is more caught than taught so hearing and engaging in the Word with an affinity group provides the basis for growing faith to serve in God’s Kingdom purposes as His agent of mission. We learn best through relationships.
Spiritual formation that leads to becoming agents of mission builds Christian identity, community, integrity, and diversity centered on the person of Jesus Christ. A.B. Bruce demonstrates how disciples became the apostles for the church as they walked with the Master. The first 13 sessions in this Branch Plan are all about lessons from the life of Christ for new disciples, taken from the “The Training of the Twelve,” by A.B. Bruce.
Those who abide in the True Vine experience the deep settled assurance of an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that ignites the heart to bear fruit as His agent of mission. Small group sessions 1 to 13 are designed to take three months taking one session per week, preferable at the same time and the same place with the same thirteen people. Once you have completed the thirteen weeks it’s time for you to go and identify, select and recruit 12 people to associate, mutually encourage and challenge using this same material.

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