It had been quite an amazing journey for this 4/14 Window Movement. In 2008, several of us might still remember when Dr. Luis Bush challenged the church to reach the world’s largest “unreached people group,” who are hidden in every nation of the 10/40 Window.  They are the “4/14 Window”, young people (roughly 4 years old to 14 years old but spanning all the way into young adulthood).

Since then powerful, dynamic, positive, and exponential responses are coming from all over the world. Churches, NGOs, and individual ministries are putting efforts and prioritize these young people. Today, the 4/14 Window Movement has become a movement with 100s of regional events spontaneously emerging all over the world.

As we are collecting stories from all over the world these past few weeks, we are motivated, strengthened, and amazed how great God is working all over the world through committed people to touch thousands of these 4/14 Window children and teenagers; reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing young children, teenagers, and youths for the Kingdom of God.

Today, reports are piling up in our Facebook Fan Page : 4/14 Window Movement Group that we develop so every practitioners can connect and be encouraged in their ministries in the countries they serve.

  • In Gujarat, hundreds of Children are united in Children’s camp, preparing them to deepen their faith in God.
  • In Portugal, Project 4/14 Operation set up Social Children Association to help families who have relational problems internally.
  • In Benin, churches prayer movement for children is happening. Children are taught to pray together for each other and for others.
  • In Guntakal, interdenominational youth meeting is happening, they pray, nurture each other, and commit to know God more.
  • in Fayetteville, as Youth Harvest conference is happening, 68 teens and children accepted Jesus as their Savior.

We believe that there are so many more stories, testimonials, and declaration of the amazing work of God all over the world from all the 4/14 Window Practitioners and Participants. We would love to hear from you and support each other in this ministry. Share with us in the 4/14 Window Movement Group in our FB Fan Page, by clicking this link : https://web.facebook.com/groups/4to14window/?source_id=156099101134994

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