In December 2018, Bijoy Bangladesh Children’s Ministry, which had been established fifteen years ago, has successfully doing God’s work as a national ministry. By the end of 2018 they had successfully carried out various programs for children and teenagers in Bangladesh and even in India.

Christmas parties for underprivileged kids

They had been holding Christmas parties for neighboring kids since 2003. In last December, they had four Christmas parties in different location of Bangladesh. They invited 500 kids and their parents to celebrate the Joy of Christmas in Dhaka. Those who were touched by their ministry have the chance to stay connected the whole year through their weekly service called Happy Birds Assembly. However, the Christmas party was not only for the kids and their parents. This year they also had Christmas party for the teenagers.

One of the participant was a 16 years old girl who were born in a fundamental Moslem family, name Asha. She had overcome difficultness in her life and finally could knew Jesus by this Christmas party. Not only Asha who were touched by the Words of God, but the others teenagers too. Most of the teenagers were remaining connected through their regular service called G-Team.

Missions trip to India

The mission trip to India began when some Hindi and Bengali churches in Silliguri, West Bengal, India invited this children ministry to do visit and minister them. They brought a team from Bangladesh to help the children’s ministry, teenagers, and families from different churches. In their mission trip, they did five kids service, one teen program, and one family seminar. They helped the churches for a week.

Children’s Ministry Training School (CMTS)

Teach, train, and equip is Bjoy Bangladesh Children’s Ministry’s values and goal. They have already trained around 100 leaders and so many of them has success stories. This February they will held another batch of training and children outreach for a week long. Let us pray for them as they are discipling so many children into leaders.

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