In December 2018, Bijoy Bangladesh Children’s Ministry, which had been established fifteen years ago, has successfully doing God’s work as a national ministry. By the end of 2018 they had successfully carried out various programs for children and teenagers in Bangladesh and even in India.

Christmas parties for underprivileged kids

They had been holding Christmas parties for neighboring kids since 2003. In last December, they had four Christmas parties in different location of Bangladesh. They invited 500 kids and their parents to celebrate the Joy of Christmas in Dhaka. Those who were touched by their ministry have the chance to stay connected the whole year through their weekly service called Happy Birds Assembly. However, the Christmas party was not only for the kids and their parents. This year they also had Christmas party for the teenagers.

One of the participant was a 16 years old girl who were born in a fundamental Moslem family, name Asha. She had overcome difficultness in her life and finally could knew Jesus by this Christmas party. Not only Asha who were touched by the Words of God, but the others teenagers too. Most of the teenagers were remaining connected through their regular service called G-Team.

Missions trip to India

The mission trip to India began when some Hindi and Bengali churches in Silliguri, West Bengal, India invited this children ministry to do visit and minister them. They brought a team from Bangladesh to help the children’s ministry, teenagers, and families from different churches. In their mission trip, they did five kids service, one teen program, and one family seminar. They helped the churches for a week.

Children’s Ministry Training School (CMTS)

Teach, train, and equip is Bjoy Bangladesh Children’s Ministry’s values and goal. They have already trained around 100 leaders and so many of them has success stories. This February they will held another batch of training and children outreach for a week long. Let us pray for them as they are discipling so many children into leaders.


It had been quite an amazing journey for this 4/14 Window Movement. In 2008, several of us might still remember when Dr. Luis Bush challenged the church to reach the world’s largest “unreached people group,” who are hidden in every nation of the 10/40 Window.  They are the “4/14 Window”, young people (roughly 4 years old to 14 years old but spanning all the way into young adulthood).

Since then powerful, dynamic, positive, and exponential responses are coming from all over the world. Churches, NGOs, and individual ministries are putting efforts and prioritize these young people. Today, the 4/14 Window Movement has become a movement with 100s of regional events spontaneously emerging all over the world.

As we are collecting stories from all over the world these past few weeks, we are motivated, strengthened, and amazed how great God is working all over the world through committed people to touch thousands of these 4/14 Window children and teenagers; reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing young children, teenagers, and youths for the Kingdom of God.

Today, reports are piling up in our Facebook Fan Page : 4/14 Window Movement Group that we develop so every practitioners can connect and be encouraged in their ministries in the countries they serve.

  • In Gujarat, hundreds of Children are united in Children’s camp, preparing them to deepen their faith in God.
  • In Portugal, Project 4/14 Operation set up Social Children Association to help families who have relational problems internally.
  • In Benin, churches prayer movement for children is happening. Children are taught to pray together for each other and for others.
  • In Guntakal, interdenominational youth meeting is happening, they pray, nurture each other, and commit to know God more.
  • in Fayetteville, as Youth Harvest conference is happening, 68 teens and children accepted Jesus as their Savior.

We believe that there are so many more stories, testimonials, and declaration of the amazing work of God all over the world from all the 4/14 Window Practitioners and Participants. We would love to hear from you and support each other in this ministry. Share with us in the 4/14 Window Movement Group in our FB Fan Page, by clicking this link :


Acy Lodja Noronha is from Sumba, West Nusa Tenggara, Eastern part of Indonesia. She gave her life into ministry for God in Dili, Timor Leste. She had been ministering a lot of people in Dili and taking care of so many people who are struggling and have a lot of issues in their families, their lives, and their relationship with God.

Dili also known as “City of Peace”, is the capital, largest city, chief port, and commercial center of East Timor (Timor-Leste). Dili lies on the northern coast of Timor island, the easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

It had been a long dry season in Dili. The weather is very hot these days. Yet this condition does not sank Acy’s passion and motivation to keep serving God by loving the people there. “We are thankful for electricity and water. I know in many part of the country this dry season brings problem about water,” Acy said.

Acy had always been a positive person. She has a lot to be thankful for, regardless some difficulties that she is facing. She knows that whenever she feels discouraged, it is the enemy who wants to make her feel that way. “I wish I can always have courage to say like Paul, “We are pressed from every side yet we dont lost hope,”” she said too.

Quite a lot of things had also been happening in Dili, like maybe a lot of us are facing in our own country. Some families struggle with their teenagers who are rebellious and causing despair and broken hearts. Acy had been encouraging these parents to forgive and accept their wayward daughter (who is one of Acy’s member of congregation) who is now pregnant without knowing who is the father. A wife told Acy that her husband is having an affair, and that’s is not just one case. “I don’t understand these people who are struggling to feed one wife and two children had the thought of having another woman. It just make me disappointed because I expect them to be mature already,” Acy added.

In the midst of her discouragement and disappointment, Acy was praying for holding a couple’s retreat. She was wondering whether this will work, yet God steady her heart and have them keep planning this retreat despite all the challenges Acy is facing. She prays that as God brings spiritual healing to the head of the family, which is the father and the mother – He will also work in His divine ways to touch their children to make the right decision and standing upright for the truth.

God had shown His grace throughout this couple’s retreat. “We had a great time sharing our experiences and struggles as couples and we were able to encourage each other. We all renew our commitment to each other and ended the program with foot washing and they ask forgiveness to each other. Praise the Lord. I believe God is working to restore these families,” she said.

Acy had learned from these situations to be still and know our God. “Only when I surrender everything I started to see His powerful hands working. I am thankful to see some new believers who take their faith seriously and making difference. One of them is Moses, who prayed for his dying neighbor caused by liver problem. This man is healed and Moses had started a bible study with him,” thankfully she added.


” For His divine power has bestowed on us [absolutely] everything necessary for [a dynamic spiritual] life and godliness, through true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.”

2 Peter 1:3 AMP



Teens Bringing Families to Jesus

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your family”.

Daniel Suleman is a teen from Karachi. Growing up with an alcoholic dad, he realize that there will be no future if he didn’t decide to stand for what is right. He decided to share the Word of God and teach his siblings that alcohol and drugs will not bringing any good for their future. By Suleman’s perseverence life his two younger brothers and one elder sister came to the Lord and got water baptism. Now they are all serving God in the Church. He is still praying for his father.

Fawad Pervaz was alone in his family when the Holy Spirit spoke gently to love God. Eventhough his dad threatened to kill him, the love of Jesus encouraged him to repent and had water baptism. He never had the same life eversince. He stopped drinking alcohol, and start sharing the story of Jesus. The community around him started to recognize his transformation. He impacted his friend to stop from getting drunk and his mother and siblings came to the Lord. Eventhough he is still praying for his dad, He can’t stop glorifying God.

Sumbal Rehmat was a girl in searching the real love of God. She was a Christian but without knowing the truth. When Jesus came to her heart, she devoted her life to God and by her ministry, her family recognize the truth. Now she volunteers in teaching children and helping other girls studying the bible in Assemblies of God Church Mosiamyat. Thanks to Sumbal, her sister Muqddas Rehmat also knew Jesus. She is a super active Sunday school teacher with talents of creativity. She writes drama, musical skits and bringing our Sunday school elevate to a new level. She love ministering the children.


Children are not only Future Leaders but also Today’s

You might think that children are our future leaders BUT you are wrong. They can lead today. They are today’s leaders, if we give them the chances. Here in Christian City Church Yangon, we have witnessed how God uses children and teens leading their peers and younger children. They are pointing way to Jesus. They are contributing in sharing Gospel. And they are changing lives of adults. Let them start to lead. They are leaders for today. They can lead in a way that adult cannot. So let’s help them start to journey their impactful leadership.
Philip is ten years old and is in his fifth grade. Some times ago, his church organized a children mission camp when they learned about sharing their faith. They were given an opportunity on the last day to put that into a practice. The teachers thought that they would be fearful. The adults doubted that they could actually do it. Philip led a team to Yangon’s downtown bus station. With some flyers in hand, they started to share the gospel. It was their first experience in sharing their faith to others. Some people might rejected them, but they were some others who smiled and happy to welcome them too. Since that day, Philip never stop sharing his faith with others. He keeps asking his friends, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” Sharing his faith becoming part of his journey.

Lynn Lynn was great woman with a broken heart. Living with a dysfunctional family had brought her sorrow and sadness. Her depressed life stole the joyful ministry of a teacher. She was ready to give up everything. Lynn’s close friend invited her to a teacher training. Unknown of the event, she agreed just to be far away from her family. She helped us preparing stuff for kids games, and watch the children play. And it was on that moment, she found her life and happiness back. The genuine vibes of children and their positive vibrance brought the long lost hope back. Being among those children had made her life felt perfect. She started to feel God’s heartbeat for the children. She was aware, the Lord had renewed her heart and reminded her of her passion. Realizing how children had impacting her life, she committed herself in serving the children. Now with a faith of a bright future, Lynn is serving as a preschool teacher in the church and fulfilling her calling.

Teens Leadership on The Island of Spices

Mega spent her childhood days feeling unworthy. Ever since she knew that her parents rejected her when she was born as a girl, she was devastated. “When I knew the truth, I lost hope in life,” she said. “I didn’t want to go to school again, I felt so valueless”. She lived in bitterness and rejected her biological mother. She started skipping school and drowned herself in useless activities such as gambling to show her rebellion.

Until one day, her pastor gave her a responsibility to be a teen leader in their village. In a program called “Unleashed” -founded by Bambang Budijanto, Chairman of the 4/14 Window Movement Global Steering Committee, Mega found her hope again. She started to see herself as how God sees her. She began to grow as she helped her friends to grow.

In six month of the program, Holy Spirit changed Mega drastically. She was still the same girl but with different spirit. Previously, she opened her house allowing children to gamble, now she opens her house to start teaching them about Jesus and school subjects. Previously, she lived in bitterness, but now transforming her biological families through forgiveness and care. Before, she felt emptiness but now she recognize her potentials and rise up to bless her village and community.

Mega successfully led the teens on her village to see each potential they possessed, and starting to use them to bless the community. Transformation began to happen starting from themselves, their families, and their village. In last 2018 Passover Event, Mega was trusted as the Committee Chair of Passover Celebration. Her pastor had taken an unusual brave decision to let teenagers led their celebration. Mega stood in public to deliver a heartbreaking and fiery speech about how adult should see children’s potential. Nobody taught her how to speech, and she didn’t bring any paper to read. Everyone in her village watched in awe, including her pastor who never knew such talent she posses.

With a grace from Holy Spirit, that night she delivered something that we as adults must learn: “Never underestimate any potentials your children may have,” Mega said. “We should be their greatest cheerleaders. We should tell them that they are capable. They are precious gifts from God with all possible capacities they can reach.”

Children are Starving and Thirst for the Word of God

“They let their babies die of hunger and thirst; children are begging for food that no one will give them” ( Lam. 4:4).

Imagine you were only 8 years old girl. You need to walk for two hours just to find water. Sometimes you got lucky, you found a puddle of water. Although you saw cattle near it and a dog swimming inside it, your heart jolted with joy. Water!! Your small hand scoop the muddy precious liquid into a pail. With one deep breath, you lifted that heavy full bucket up to your head. Carefully, you walked slowly. Your arms started to cramp, but you grabbed it tighter. You didn’t want any of it got spilled, because you still need to walk back for two hours. Mom with your baby brother in her arms had been waiting to use it.

This is a daily struggle of a girl living in Kamukeza Community. As one of the hardest and most remote place in Zimba District, Zambia, water is scarce and the soil is dry. Without clean water, there are huge implications on children’s health and mental state. They easily suffered from preventable water-borne illnesses. With burdens of basic survival, children are often sacrifice their primary needs of education.

Thirsty for water, starving from the Word of God. The time they spent to find water is not only robbing their opportunities to go to school. It is also stealing their time to hear the Gospel, and consuming their opportunities to serve other children.

Rural Hope Africa is partnering with OneMillionChildren Inc. to provide clean water access to schools, communities, and churches. After clean water system was installed, there were significant attendance in schools and churches. The children had even been starting to actively serve other children!

Some children started bible studies in their homes and schools. They are are taking steps to share Jesus and disciple others. This early September, they went out for an expedition to preach and teach about His Kingdom. As they are doing this, they witnessed progress of young people came to Christ before the age of twenty-one. When children are healthy, they hold great potential as active agent in missions. They are in full capacity of sharing the love of Christ to the World.

I was a Stranger and You Welcome Me

When Children Pray Earnestly in Timor Leste

Sity was just a little girl. She barely knew Jesus. But that day, on a children camp of 80 souls, she heard how her new Sunday school friends weeping and praying for their families. She looked around. Although she was new, something change inside her heart. The prayers moved her. She stood up. Boldly came forward and start praying loud for her family.

What Sity did, impacting her family. “Please invite my daughter again to your Church program,” her mother said, “because I believe this is good.” God is working to transform families of Timor Leste through a little girl. He is using this young generation!

“Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger”- Psalm 8:2 is indeed happening.

Sity came to know Jesus because another child invited her. This child is served in a ministry of more than 80 children in Sunday school and 3 children club. Together they have witnessed how God provide all their needs for the camp. The camp was big for them with a lot of resources. But together, they achieved their common dream. “When we have a dream or a big plan in God, just walk in obedience and He will provide all needs for this dream coming true,” Ps. Acy Lodja said.

For three days, Holy Spirit worked inside the hearts of these young souls, changing and transforming them to transform their world. Their eyes soaked in tears as they  prayed earnestly for their families revivals. Their mouth spoke daringly as they witness the work of God in the camp. Children and youth are powerful weapons in the eyes of our Lord. It is truly a privilege and honour to partner with these children in serving God’s kingdom.

(as told by Ps. Acy Lodja. For more info about this ministry please visit a facebook account of Hadomi Labarik)