All over the world, children and youth represent the demographic that is most receptive to spiritual and developmental input.  God is calling us to radically change the way we view young people and to respond to their strategic importance and rightful place in His Kingdom.

The 4/14 Window Movement sees children and youth as more than a mission field to be reached.  They are also a powerful missions force affecting change in our world today

Listen to Dr. Bambang Budijanto’s explanation about how the movement starts :


In 2009, 4/14 Window Global Initiative was launched. Dr. Bambang Budijanto argues that the “New Kingdom Landscape” requires a new focus on children and youth.

This was actually the foundation of 4/14 Global Summit in Singapore in 2011, while the summit itself had proven that the 4/14 “initiative” has become a movement with 100s of regional events spontaneously emerging all over the world.

In 2013, Dr. Bambang Budijanto introduces the “Second Mountain” to climb in the race to activate the 4/14 window.  The first mountain was building awareness of the importance of the 4/14 among the church. The Second mountain is appropriately releasing children and youth into ministry.

Then in 2015 – Dr. Bambang Budijanto calls NURTURERS, young people roughly 14-22 years old, to take their rightful place in serving this next generation by making disciples among the 4/14. This is how we began NURTURER INITIATIVE.

The NURTURER INITIATIVE is actually the reason why Asia Pacific Youth Congress (APYC) is being held. In which APYC I was held in Bali on April 2015, followed by APYC II that was just held last month : October 17-20, 2016




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Safeguarding Children from Abuse

Since 2004, GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) has empowered hundreds of Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse. Abuse is a common reality in our world, and it will not go away by ignoring it.
As followers of Jesus Christ, the GRACE team seeks
to be faithful and obedient to His teaching and to the teachings of Scripture. In the Bible, Jesus places great value on the compassionate care and advocacy for all who are vulnerable, including children. He even said, in Mark 9:37, “whoever receives a little child in my name receives me.”
Child abuse is a pervasive evil in the world and, sadly, even in the church. It is to your credit that you have taken this first step to gain critical insight on the nature of child abuse and how it hides in churches and homes. May God bless you as you prepare to face this evil and prevent abuse in your church and community.
If you like this content and want to learn more, keep an eye out for the release of our online course which will delve even deeper into these topics and equip you and members of your team with knowledge and tools to fight abuse.

4/14 Window Asia Pacific Youth Congress II – Prospectus

There are 1.1 billion youth between 15-24 years or constitutes 18% of world population. Along with those from 4-14 years, the number constitutes nearly 40% of world population. Approximately 60% of that age group lives in Asia, 15% in Africa and 10% in Latin America. More than 85% youth live in developing countries. Nearly half of those (45.9 percent) live in low-income countries, while another third (34.1 percent) live in lower middle-income countries.
This swell in the global population of young people has the potential to transform economies for better or worse, depending on the decisions of today’s policy makers, according to a new United Nations report. It is a potential for economic and social progress but also have the potential to destabilize nations. Recent history shows that country with 30% youth population is likely experience major social unrest.
Youth shapes the future of a nation, the world and without exception the church. They are likely more willing, able, commit to a cause and ready to take the risk. When given trust, opportunity, and equipped will carry out and complete the tasks. The church can’t afford to lose their youth if it is to be true to its calling, to transform the world. Many countries in Asia experience the truth that focusing on youth will result in phenomenal.
A global youth discipleship should become a priority in global mission if the church to regain growth and sustain its promising future. Asia Pacific Youth Congress was launched to build up momentum of global disciple making movement among youth. Youth to reach the next generations to be their brother’s and sister’s keeper, walk along side of them. This is to better accomplishing the vision of reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing the most receptive age group to the Gospel, 4-14 years, known as 4/14 Window Global Movement. (
The theme of the Congress is Disciple or Die. Without discipleship, the next generation will drift away from the church and the church will die.

Practice for Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan

Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan for Nurturers, presented in John chapter 15:1-17, provides a sound biblical basis for lighting the fires of a disciple making movement by youth nurturing the 4/14ers so that they become God’s agents of mission.
Jesus’ discipleship model illustrates shared Christian praxis which results from the interaction with the biblical text through the lens of personal experience with a view to application in the life of the disciple. Faith is more caught than taught so hearing and engaging in the Word with an affinity group provides the basis for growing faith to serve in God’s Kingdom purposes as His agent of mission. We learn best through relationships.
Spiritual formation that leads to becoming agents of mission builds Christian identity, community, integrity, and diversity centered on the person of Jesus Christ. A.B. Bruce demonstrates how disciples became the apostles for the church as they walked with the Master. The first 13 sessions in this Branch Plan are all about lessons from the life of Christ for new disciples, taken from the “The Training of the Twelve,” by A.B. Bruce.
Those who abide in the True Vine experience the deep settled assurance of an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that ignites the heart to bear fruit as His agent of mission. Small group sessions 1 to 13 are designed to take three months taking one session per week, preferable at the same time and the same place with the same thirteen people. Once you have completed the thirteen weeks it’s time for you to go and identify, select and recruit 12 people to associate, mutually encourage and challenge using this same material.

Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan for Nurturer

Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan provides a sound biblical basis for raising up a new generation of disciple making nurturers from the youth of the 4/14 Window to transform our world. Presented at the opening session of the 4-14 Asia Pacific Youth Congress April 20 to 24, 2015 the practice packet for Jesus’ Discipleship Branch Plan for Nurturers was discussed and distributed during two breakout sessions. We are seeking to mobilize a disciple making movement of the Gen Y’ers as nurturers of youth and children.

4/14 Window Best Practices Summit Report

The 4/14 Window Best Practices Summit offered practical insights to more than 1,100 participants from ninety-one
countries over the course of six days from October 10 to 16, 2014. Hosted by Promise Church in New York, the 4/14 Window New York Conference, Pastor Nam Soo Kim and his church left all of us an unforgettable model of servant hood which to was the main take-away as Geovanna León from Ecuador noted. She said, “This really has been a blessing of God. I received affection, care, attention, hospitality. You have reminded me that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children. You have taught me about the generosity with all that you have.”