In raising up 4/14 generation for transformational impact, we face multi-faceted challenge which can be addressed with a holistic approach. By seeing 4/14ers as God sees them, we must embrace the whole person by covering their physical and intellectual needs with all relational, social and spiritual dimensions in their lives.

  • Spiritual Challenge

A person’s life-long behaviours amd beliefs are generally developed during childhood and early adolescence. By the age of 13, one’s spiritual identity is largely set in place. If we can reach children and youth and disciple them when their life perspective and worldviews are being shaped, we will set them on a rock that cannot be easily moved.

  • Mental / Cognitive Challenge

Millions of children receive little or no education. The problem of substandard education is exacerbated by other factors, such as disintegration of family unit, poverty, ill health, poor nutrition, etc which resulted in masses of unmotivated, poorly educated men and women.

  • Physical/Health Challenge

World’s children are suffering often as a result of sins of adults, such as hunger, AIDS, or the absence of immunizations. Health intervention during childhood can prevent damage that is virtually impossible to repair later in life.

  • Economic Challenge

More than one billion of the world’s children – 56%- are living in poverty or severe deprivation. A stunning 37% of the world’s children (more than 647 million) live in absolute poverty. We have to address the physically poor among the 4/14ers.

  • Relational Challenge

While millions children are at risk of poverty, millions are also at risk from prosperity. Many children and young people today have everything to live with, but nothing to live for.

  • Social Challenge

Children and young adolescents can contribute much to positive social change. What often prevents this from occurring is an absence of adults who believe in them, as consequence, many 4/14ers do not believe in themselves. 

  • Ministry Challenge

The ministry challenge is about encouraging and equipping the children and youth of the 4/14 Window to use their gifts and potential as agents in transforming the world.