4/14 Window Movement – Jan-Feb 2016

The third Region that has developed Regional Leadership Team is Asia. By the end of December, a team of broad representation by country, profession and ministry background with strong commitment to the cause had come together and met by the skype.

4/14 Window Movement – Vol 1, Ed 2 Jul-August 2015

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From the Desk of the Executive Secretary

Between two commands in Mat 19:13-15, “…let the children come to Me…” and Mat 28: 18-20, “Go…and make disciple…” which of these Jesus is more serious about?

We, tend to think and act that the latter is more important. Yet, evident show that if we obey the first more seriously, the latter accomplished much faster. Edward Kimball taught Sunday School faithfully, one of the students is Dwight L. Moody the revivalist. Mordechai Ham mentored a group of youth and one of them is Billy Graham who led millions to Christ.

In this generation, there are vivid examples taking place in various countries and continents. Discipleship of children and youth is still and always the fruitful strategy. Leadership and discipleship goes hand to hand. This News Letter introduces new leadership of 4/14 Window.

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Asia Pacific Youth Conference

God is at work among youth around the world. They are reached, rooted and committed to take key role in fulfilling the Great Commission by reaching other youth or their next generation. Some of what happened is captured below, presented by countries in alphabetical order. Naturally, there must be more which are not captured here. We just praise the Lord for what He is doing around the world and pray for many initiatives that are not listed here.

Movement Around the Globe

From the Desk of the Executive Secretary

Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you are told. Habakkuk 1:5

The original context of this verse is the rising of world power, Babylon. In our days there is a power on the rise, youth power. Youth is reshaping the world and history according to what they believe.

Praise the Lord, that the 4/14 Window is also capturing the potential power of youth in the church. The Second Mountain was launched. If in the First Mountain, the thrust is to raise awareness of leaders on the strategic importance of reaching children for Christ. In the Second Mountain is to mobilize youth as partners in mission through discipleship making movement of their next generation. The vision is that there will be no single child grows up without a nurturer, someone who walks along-side him/her as disciple maker.

The launching of the Second Mountain was officiated in the Leadership Retreat on April 19-20 and the first step to climb the Mountain was taken through the implementation of the first Asia Pacific Youth Congress. This is what God is doing in our days, raising youth power around the world with a passion to disciple their next generation, thus fulfilled Matthew 28:18-20.